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Spanish Ceramics, Handbags, Olive Oil…….

Ceramics from “The Potter Village”

The village of La Rambla, near Cordoba, given special status by the regional government of Andalusia, is known as “The Potter Village”. Nearby museums hold examples of plates and glasses made there by locals hundreds of years ago. Continuing this tradition, Rafael and Ana opened Ceramica El Titi there in the 1980s and now produce a wide range of pottery and ceramic products. I’m very pleased to say that a selection of these are on display and for sale at Red Wharf Bay Vineyard. The ornate plates, bowls and other items have all been made in their own workshop and are all decorated entirely by hand, making them both original and unique. I’m confident you will find them delightful.

Leather Goods from Ubrique

It’s difficult to know where to start with this story, it’s too improbable. However, it’s true!  The small and remote town of Ubrique lies in the hinterland between the Costa del Sol and the more famous town of Ronda. You drive for miles along narrow winding roads to get there, wondering why you are bothering. Then you arrive and find shops that wouldn’t look out of place in Bond Street. Why? How? What’s going on? It turns out it’s because this is where many of the top fashion brands source their leather goods! I can’t use their names because I’m not selling their products. But follow the link below to an article on the BBC website, which tells the full story and mentions who is reported to have their handbags made in this surreal town:     


Olive Oil from Alora

Paqui grew up in a three roomed, single story house in the middle of this olive grove. The trees were already old. She still lives next to the land, in a larger house at the top of the plot, which she and partner Dave are slowly renovating. They are also getting the land, situated about 7km from the small town of Alora, back into production and 2017 was the first olive harvest for many years. Andalucia is both the world’s biggest producer of olive oil (unbelievably 33% of global output) and usually home to the winner of the annual “Best Olive Oil in the World” competition (yes, it does exist!). There are many different varieties of olive, with many different uses. Among the most prized for oil is the picual olive, which is grown in this grove, along with the [          ] olive, which is unique to the Alora area and equally coveted. The olive oil I have brought back from here is the Extra Virgin (first pressing) of a blend of the two varieties. Unfiltered to keep all the goodness, it is a unique product that I am pleased to offer to you to taste and buy - and I’m especially proud that I helped harvest the olives!!

Leather goods have been produced in Ubrique for more than 200 years. More than half the town’s residents work in the leather trade, many in strict secrecy for the most famous brands. But some of the factories make products for specialist retailers like me. They are most definitely not counterfeit copies of big name brands but they are fabulous products designed and made by people in the same town who have the same skill base. You only have to feel the leather, look at the craftsmanship and admire the style to know you are looking at something of real quality.

These are the leather goods I’m bringing to you from Spain.

I’ve had amazing travels in Andalucia, found stunning products, each with their own story, and brought them back to Anglesey.

Olive Harvest

Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey, North Wales

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